Not a great start to 2016…

Wow, what a crazy start to this year!..we lost Bowie, Frey, Maurice White, Lemmy, etc…on the personal side we lost my ‘brother’ Barry Rose on 2/6, which was unexpected…he was preceded by our bro ‘Garry Rose'(2006) & father Hunter(2015)…may they all rest in peace…also read about an old Middleburger who recently passed, Mr Burns Robertson..he used to own/run the BP station there on main street, we used to hang out there as kids…please keep all in your prayers & may God bless you & yours.

Songwriter Sundays

Photo by Sesha…Hi folks, you may have noticed alot of original music on the site from me lately…in past bands/projects I played cover tunes, sometimes half cover/half original, others did all original…I always put my part on the original material whether it be guitar, bass, vocal, etc., I thought of it as a coloring book that needed to be ‘colored’ in…so a songwriter would bring in an idea or full song(coloring book) and I would take out my crayons(ideas) and color in the book(song)…I spent most of my years doing this for other artists such as Genghis Angus, Jimmy Brown, Josh Burgess, Bret Michaels(yeah, that guy), etc…so, I am finally taking the time to print out my own coloring book(library of songs)…with a lot of encouragement and collaboration with Sesha (my wife), we’ve decided to do a project called ‘Songwriter Sunday’ where-as we write a song(or update an old one) every week & have it ready for listeners each Sunday. We upload it to Soundcloud which in turn uploads it automatically to my website…so, let us know what you think! Let us know your fav, least fav, etc…as always, thanks for your support!!

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